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Besides being on our website and scrolling through the pages there are a number of other places that you can access information as well. For instance, did you know that every year the federal government mandates that you get a free credit report? They do!


Check out what we have to offer below!




This site allows users to access their once a year free credit report. It takes stock from sites like Experian and others to provide you with  general reports. But remember when you start to work with us you will have access to so much more.



We talked about the FICO score as being the top of the reporting pyramid, and they are. They do not offer free credit score information, and you have to pay a monthly subscription rate to continue to get their informant and tips.


Other links:

Learn more about the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the one that was responsible for setting up laws that govern and control the credit reporting bureau. Or read more about the three credit reporting agencies here today!