Credit And Your Cash

Your cash is not based on value, its based on  credit. What does that mean? You cannot expect to get more credit lines if you cannot pay off the old ones. How do you start? First off, you start today by getting your old debts settled with a FREE CONSULTATION form San Antonino Credit Repair.


Walk in to our local office, we are Texan’s too and we understand what you want when you want it.


Or call us toll free to learn more about tyour credit score and how we can help you to fix it today. We are a totally 100% dedicated group of professionals that are ready to serve you in the local area.

We know that you have no time or in some cases that you might be scared to see your score.

Don’t worry from 600 to 850 we have seen every credit score on the book and confidentiality is our primary goal. So when you call us for a credit fix, we can do it.Our group will take your information, and look up your credit score from one of the three top scoring systems: Experian, TransUnion, Equifax then after that we will develop a plan.

The plan will outline what your next step would need to be in order to raise your credit score. In some cases that might be paying off small older bills first and then moving on, or in other cases it might mean that you can settle old debt for a lot less then you thought.

Don’t be fooled by the DIY people! You do need professionals!

Contact us today.